Stochastic Material Characterization for Fiber Reinforced Composites

*Please note: Integration of Crystal Plasticity into Modeling and Simulations of Materials across Different Length and Time Scales has been renumbered 1009 and can be found at the following link
Prodyot Basu, Vanderbilt University
Somnath Ghosh, Johns Hopkins University
Wei Chen, Northwestern University

Material characterization of randomly distributed short-fiber reinforced composite materials in numerical modeling and simulation is a challenging proposition. Apart from local characterization of the mechanical properties, many other issues like optimal choice of size, type, and volume percentage  of fibers for a given matrix material in different types of applications are important considerations. Another important issue in material characterization is the effect of nucleation and growth of damage in the matrix material and/or at the fiber/matrix interface.  Papers are sought addressing one or more of these issues including those related to different applications of such composites.