Finite Element Methods and High-Performance Computing for Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Ethan Kubatko, The Ohio State University
Kazuo Kashiyama, Chuo University
Clint Dawson, University of Texas at Austin

Many environmental flow and transport problems exhibit a wide range of scales and must be solved over large, geometrically complex spatial domains for long periods of time. Thus, unstructured mesh methods and high-performance computing are ideally suited for the solution of such problems. This mini-symposium

will examine the latest developments in solving geophysical and environmental fluid mechanics problems using unstructured mesh methods in a high-performance computing environment.

Topics of interest include:
• Model development and application

• Coupling of flow and transport processes and models.

• High-performance computing and parallelization strategies.

• Error analysis, verification and validation.

• Unstructured mesh generation algorithms and criteria.