Advances in Turbulence-Resolving Computations and Applications to Complex Flows

Andres Tejada-Martinez, University of South Florida
Kenneth Jansen, University of Colorado Boulder
Michel Rasquin, University of Colorado Boulder and Argonne National Laboratory

Accurate resolution of turbulence requires advances in a number of fronts starting from simulation methodologies such as explicit and implicit large eddy simulation and branching down to continued developments in numerical approximation techniques and associated algorithms and in physical and numerical subgrid-scale modeling. The former two offer improved approximations of resolved scales while the latter two offer improved accounting for the effect of unresolved scales. The need to resolve complex flows characterized by multi-scale phenomena generated by complex geometry and/or complex physics such as, for example, multi-phase turbulence, turbulence-chemistry interactions, non-Newtonian turbulence and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence places great demand for advances in accurate turbulence-resolving computations.  This mini-symposium aims to serve as a confluence of ideas and experiences in all aspects related to turbulence-resolving computations and applications to complex flows.