Advances in Computational Methods for Inverse Problems

Assad Oberai, RPI
Wilkins Aquino, Duke University
Paul Barbone, Boston University

Inverse problems are ubiquitous in science and engineering, and as such, have been solved by ad hoc methods throughout the history of those subjects.  More recently, however, the systematic study of  inverse problems has revealed a number unified approaches.  These include, for example, computational formulations specifically tailored to inverse problems, novel optimization algorithms for inverse problems, and computational approaches within probabilistic formulations of inverse problems.  The availability of new sources of data and novel experimental configurations continue to drive the field and reveal new facets for computational consideration.  

In this multi‐session minisymposium , experts in computational techniques for inverse problems will discuss recent advances in the field. Although the presentation of work in diverse fields of application is welcome, an emphasis will be put on the general principles and on the computational aspects of the techniques discussed.