Advances in the Boundary Element Method

Yijun Liu, University of Cincinnati
Naoshi Nishimura, Kyoto University
Martin Schanz, Graz University of Technology
Ernie Pan, The University of Akron


This minisymposium will bring together researchers from academia, government research labs, and industries around the world to discuss the recent progresses and challenges in the development of the boundary integral equation and boundary element methods (BIE/BEM).  Developments in various fast solution techniques and higher-order approximations for the BEM will be highlighted. Applications of the BEM in modeling new research areas such as metamaterials will be presented. Researchers from all countries are cordially invited to participate in this minisymposium. Presentations dealing with all aspects of the BIE/BEM formulations, solutions and applications are welcome. Specifically, the topics include, but are not limited to:

• Fast solution methods for the BEM (fast multipole method, adaptive cross approximation method, fast direct solvers, and others);

• Isogeometric analysis with the boundary element method (IGA BEM)

• Modeling of acoustics, elastodynamics and electromagnetics

• Modeling of metamaterials using the BEM

• BEM for fracture mechanics and applications (such as in hydraulic fracturing)

• Multi-scale Green’s functions and applications in nanomaterials

• Large-scale, multi-scale and multi-physics modeling using the BEM

• Integration of the BEM with other techniques such as 3D imaging and 3D printing

• BEM software development and industrial applications