Randomness, Fractals, and Computational Mechanics

Paul Demmie, Sandia National Laboratories
Martin Ostoja-Starzewski, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Luis Costa, ARDEC Picatinny Arsenal

Many solid materials display microstructures of multiple length scales characterized by randomness and often displaying fractal patterns.  Such materials include composites, granular media, metals, biomaterials, and geomaterials.  This symposium will provide a perspective on ongoing and recent advances in mechanics of such materials, involving experimental, analytical, and computational methods, including nonlocal continuum mechanics and peridynamic theory.  The richness of microstructural geometries, interesting physics, and challenges posed in setting up continuum models are among the hallmarks of works to be presented. Authors and presenters are invited to participate in this event to expand international cooperation, understanding, and promotion of efforts and disciplines in the area of Randomness, Fractals, and Computational Mechanics.  Dissemination of knowledge by presenting research results, new developments, and novel concepts in mechanics of random and fractal materials and computational mechanics for such materials will serve as the foundation upon which the conference program of this area will be developed.